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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why quail eggs and not chicken eggs?
What is so special about quail eggs?

The main reason for using quail eggs instead of chicken eggs is that quail eggs contain a higher concentration of the active molecules (ovomucoids) as compared to chicken eggs.

In addition to that, ovomucoids from quail eggs have different properties than those from chicken eggs, resulting in a higher efficacy blocking the allergic cascade and much lower allergenic activity.

To note that no study showing an anti-allergenic activity of chicken eggs or their derivatives has been found in the literature.

Egg being a food allergen, how can SniZtop® provide relief from allergies?

SniZtop® acts on airborne allergies and not food allergies - Only rare allergic reactions have been reported with quail eggs and all the data and history of use suggest that a product made from quail egg powder at the levels present in SniZtop® is safe for the consumption of the majority of the population.

However, a warning that the product contains egg should be placed on the packaging to alert consumers who are allergic to chicken eggs to avoid the product.

What is the difference between eating the real quail eggs vs sniztop®

The active molecules (ovomucoids) of quail eggs are proteins. When eggs are swallowed, these proteins reach the stomach where the pH is highly acidic and are denaturalized before being absorbed. This means that a large quantity of protein will lose their active properties.

When chewing SniZtop®, the ovomucoids are immediately released into the mouth and absorbed at the sublingual level which ensure the optimum efficacy of this product.

Moreover, SniZtop® offers a pleasant and simple form to treat your allergies wherever you are while the quail eggs intake is not really consumer-friendly.

What is the posology/recommended use?

Take 1 or 2 tablets per intake. People can take as many tablets as they need depending on their exposure to allergens. SniZtop® use is therefore very flexible and convenient.

SniZtop® can also be taken 15 to 20 minutes before exposure to allergens (eg. place with a pet or before going outside) to ensure optimum protection.

Why should the tablet be chewed?

Tablets are to be gently chewed to allow the absorption of active ingredients through the sublingual pathway. To ensure an optimum efficacy tablets should not be swallowed directly.

What is the maximum dose?

The recommended use is 1 or 2 tablets per intake, to be repeated as needed. SniZtop® efficacy lasting for about 2 hours, 10 tablets per day is usually the maximum to cover daily needs in case of continued exposure to allergens. However, this maximum dose is only a recommendation which can be increased with no toxicity concerns (cf. toxicological expertise).

What are SniZtop® contra-indications?

Overall, restrictions for use of SniZtop® are limited to:

Indee, the formulation of SniZtop® is well defined, and according to the available information, there is no recommendation for further warnings or precautions, incl. diabetic persons, pregnant and breastfeeding women or in case of kidney failure.

Possible interactions?

No known interactions with drugs.

Why preferring SniZtop® vs a 1-a-day anti-histamine product?

SniZtop® cannot be positioned at the same level as anti-histamine drugs which provide allergy relief with 1 tablet per day. In the natural product category, SniZtop® is the only histamine blocker, clinically proven in a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled study to provide the acute relief of allergy symptoms with subjects feeling better as quickly as 15 minutes after product intake.

According to the clinical results, SniZtop® efficacy lasts for about 2 hours after product intake. SniZtop® provides a serious solution for moderate ones drug intake.

Finally, SniZtop® can be taken in addition to anti-histamines which sometime do not provide the adequate daily protection they should and which intake cannot be repeated over the day.